Pet Washes

Adding value to the customer experience is the principle behind Tru Blu Dog Wash
Now you can keep man's best friend clean and smelling fresh with the Tru Blu Dog Wash K9000.
As a stand alone system, the Tru Blu Dog Wash K9000, can be operated in almost any capacity i.e., Car Washes, Vets pet Spas, Pet Groomers, Pet Shops, Caravan Parks and Service Stations/C-Stores. The opportunities are endless.

The Tru Blu Dog Wash K9000 is a fully self contained system, independently operated in a similar fashion to a car wash. A Multistage Washer of the Tru Blu Dog Wash allows the user to select from;

Shampoo, Flea Rinse, Rinse, Blow Dry, Condition & Disinfect - All with controlled water temperature.



The Tru Blu K9000 is Australia’s No. 1 selling Coin-Operated Self Serve Dog Wash. Here’s why…
  • It is a fully self-contained, coin-operated dog wash, designed for installation at locations such as car washes, service stations, convenience stores, pet hospitals, vet clinics and dog franchises.
  • It is the only mass produced, coin operated Dog Wash unit made in Australia.
  • Features unit construction which exceeds industry standards.
  • Has technologically advanced product dispensing.
  • Is environmentally friendly, maintaining a low water usage rate.
  • Features Australia's number one selling dog dryer from Ezycoat in South Australia, modified to suit this product.
  • Includes a drainage system to ensure a hair-free and water-free floor at all times.
  • Has a custom-made coating on the floor which makes the dogs feel comfortable, but cannot be damaged by paws.
  • Incorporates clear sides which ensure small dogs don't feel claustrophobic, while their larger companions can see over the side.
  • Is designed around a minimum $10, 10-minute wash system, which guarantees a substantial return for the investor, but is an inexpensive cost for dog owners when compared to the prices charged by professional service providers in this area.
  • Includes a disinfectant system which dog owners are able to use at the conclusion of their wash..
  • Requires minimal maintenance from the owner and does not need repetitive cleaning.
  • Has three models.
  • Is fully supported by Service Agents who can attend any location within 24 hours.
  • Incorporates a range of high-quality shampoo and associated products which can be easily ordered via email or fax and includes bulk discounts.
  • Was awarded the Best Exhibit at the Australian Car Wash Association 2007 Convention.
  • Has the ability to deliver high returns.
  • Offers a 12-month warranty and 100 per cent money back guarantee* (Conditions Apply)