Plant Room Equipment

The plant room is the core of your carwash, it is where your pump stand is located and all the equipment that goes together to make your wash work. Items in here would include, electrical switchboard, water softeners, reverse osmosis plant, hot water system, mains pressure system, compressor and other vital pieces of equipment. And the more room you have in here the easier it is to work on these items when needed.




At Washworkz we use and recommend Alamo twin tank water softeners. A water softener is used to clean the water you use in your wash, thus allowing the soaps you use to work at their optimum capacity. With a twin tank softener, when the medium inside the tank needs to be cleaned out (regenerated), the system can use the second tank, never interrupting your soft water supply allowing your soaps to keep on cleaning.




Reverse osmosis (R.O.) is a process of producing Spot Free water that is used as a final rinse. This water is perfectly clean, and when left to dry on a vehicle it will not leave any spots. These units are available as part of the Self Serve Pump Stand, or as a Wall Mounted/ Free Standing Unit. It comes in three different sizes, 1800/3600 and 5400 Gallons Per Day. The unit is fully automatic, having a carbon filter and a Micron filter included. These units are manufactured in Australia by Prowash.




Hot water is used in the high pressure soap and high pressure wax delivery. Hot water helps the soap to soften and penetrate hard to shift items on the car, while in the wax it helps to spread the product evenly over the vehicles surface. We use Raypak Industrial boilers with a storage tank, giving you all the hot water you need.



With a large water supply needed in some cases, it helps to use a mains pressure system, it will kick in when required to help keep your water supply at a constant pressure, stoping any inconsistency to your pump stand. We use Lowarra pumps with a variable speed drive, allowing the pump to ramp up and down as required with less load, also supplied with a suitable storage tank.




The compressor is a vital part of the operation of your Carwash, in some cases it supplies the pumps that deliver your chemicals to the wash bay, as well as mixing air with those products to apply them better to the vehicles surface. So as an integral part of the system, you can see the need to use a quality product that is very well supplied and serviced in Australia, which is why Washworkz uses Pilot Compressors.