Self Serve Bays

Self Serve Bays


There are many components to self serve bays, and we here at Washworks are able to assist you in all facets of them.  Please find below some details on our self serve bay equipment.


iWash Pump Stand

The iWash pump stand is the heart of the self serve carwash because it brings together all other equipment required (water softener, Reverse osmosis, hot water system and compressor) to deliver products into the Carwash bay. As the user-friendly functions are selected in the Carwash bay through the bay controller, the pump stand responds and delivers the selected product.


iWash Pump Stand Features


  • Available for 2 < 8 bays
  • One high pressure Cat310S pump with stainless steel sleeve, for each bay
  • Electric, low-pressure pumps, complete with low-water cut off, to supply Presoak, Tyre cleaner / Engine degreaser, and Clear Coat Protectant to all bays 4+ Bays. Flojet pumps are used on pump stands 3 or less self serve bays and Tri Colour Foam Brush.
  • Stainless steel chemical mixing tanks fitted with hydrominder valves to provide an accurate automatic mixture of each product for delivery to the bays.
  • Three phase power loss protection
  • Low water pressure protection which pauses the timers in the bays to prevent the pumps from running dry. Once pressure is returned to normal levels, the bays continue to operate.
  • Hot high-pressure soap and high-pressure wax
  • Low voltage control wiring (24v) to prevent any risk of electrocution
  • Built in time clock to control operating hours
  • Pulsation dampener on each high pressure bay
  • Stainless steel re-buildable solenoids
  • 4KW electric motors standard


iWash Pump Stand Advanced Features


  • Tri colour foam brush
  • An optional Bonus Time controller which allows you to set operating times that provide the customer with more time for their money
  • Main isolation switch to control complete pump stand
  • External isolator key switches per bay, and stop / start switches
  • All stainless steel water manifolds
  • Cog belt drive
  • Back pressure relief valves on all low pressure lines


iWash Touch Select Bay Controller


The touch select bay controller is the interface between the pump stand and the self serve bay. It allows your customer to use $1/$2 coins as well as tokens through the Microcoin® QL coin acceptor. With 10 position wash functions and a countdown timer display with buzzer. The bay controller comes with a range of owner and customer features, including resettable pin numbers for car and coin count as well as bay wash down time. Time is settable in 5 second increments, with a coins to start function as well, as alert on time left.