We offer many alternatives to your business to ensure we can "KEEP YOUR WASH WORKING FOR YOU".


A broken down wash makes no money, so lets' do what we can to prevent it breaking down in the first place! We are firm believers in regular preventative servicing / maintenance to ensure all possible action has been completed to keep your wash running at full productivity. 

We can assist with breakdowns, and being availalbe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guarantees you the back up your business needs to ensure functionality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.  


Preventative Maintenance


Regular maintenance performed on a carwash will reduce the amount of downtime on your equipment. Our regular preventative maintenance services will keep your equipment running smoothly and reduce the amount of breakdowns, ensuring peace of mind and more profitability.

In the service, all oils will be changed, tanks cleaned and all functions will be tested. We will assess the condition of your water and test the operation of the equipment to control this. All site equipment will be looked at, including vacuums motors and their operation down to any issues you may have been having with vending or change machines.


Breakdown Repairs


Washworkz policy is to arrive at a breakdown within the following time periods. Automatic Breakdowns – 24 hours and Self Serve Breakdowns – 48 hours. (Within Victoria) Most of the time we will be at any breakdown within the 24 hour period, however there may be circumstances that do not allow us to accomplish this.

We carry an extensive variety of parts in our service vans and can repair most general faults on site. On the occasion we do not have the part, we will endeavour to obtain that item and return to repair the problem within 24 hours. Our 1300 322 722 breakdown number is available 7 days a week and will be answered within reason at all times.




Does your wash require some improvement? Do you want to gain extra revenue? Is your equipment needing a lift?

We can assist in all of these areas to help improve the performance and more importantly the profitability of your wash. Whether it be replacing old equipment to bring your site up to date, or adding that extra profit centre we may have the solution for you.

Give us a call and we will start you on the way to more money in your back pocket.