What is SuperSat?


Blendco's patented SuperSat Custom Detergent System is an ingenious two-component detergent process that delivers
powerful cleaning performance. The SuperSat unit automatically mixes our specially formulated detergents on-site using your
water. The SuperSat system allows detergents to be tailored specifically to suit the needs of your wash.
SuperSat is a detergent process like no other, because it can deliver 100% active ingredients without the need for fillers, binders,
or water to keep often incompatible detergent ingredients in solution. By using a powdered alkaline (HPH Powder) component
and a liquid surfactant component, and by keeping them separate until they are automatically mixed with water at the wash,
SuperSat is able to offer outstanding cleaning power safely and economically.
Because the technology allows for the use of high concentrations of gentle cleaning ingredients (much higher than traditional
formulated products), SuperSat does not rely on harsh chemical ingredients for cleaning. Instead, large quantities of the best
proven alkaline cleaners can be applied to vehicles economically, allowing the detergent to clean gently and effectively.


HPH Powder

HPH is the most popular and highest strength SuperSat alkaline powder. HPH delivers
extra punch to Touchless applications and is recommended for use in all types of
friction and Touchless wash systems.


Self Serve Soaps

Tyre & Engine Cleaner

SuperSat Tyre Cleaner with fragrance is a specific blend of surfactants to safely clean tyres and provide engine degreaser in self serve car washes.
Colour: Bright Yellow
Fragrance: Evergreen
Application: Self Serve / Low Pressure Tyre & Engine



SuperSat Presoak is a concentrated blend of cleaner and foamers specifically designed for presoak applications. This product contains aggressive surfactants which melt road film, bugs and window haze off the car.
Colour: Red
Fragrance: Mulberry
Application: Self Serve / Low Pressure Presoak

Baywash Plus

SuperSat Baywash Plus is designed for high pressure applications and provides high cleaning with rich suds. No other product can offer the cleaning and ‘show’ that Baywash Plus offers.
Colour: Green
Fragrance: Cherry
Application: Self Serve / High Pressure Spray

Foam Brush

SuperSat Foam Brush brings extra excitement to the foam brush wash function with thick foam and vibrant colours. Can be used as a single colour or with specialised tri-colour foam dispensing equipment.
White Foam Brush can be used for those customers who don’t want a coloured foam brush.
Colours: Pink / Blue / Yellow / White
Fragrance: Bubble Gum
Application: Self Serve Foaming Brush

 Automatic Soap


SuperSat Automatic Presoak 

SuperSat Automatic Presoak is designed specifically for in-bay automatics to quickly and safely remove dirt and soil. This product provides a nice green colour, high foaming, citrus fragrance and works quickly in Touchless applications.
Colour: Green
Application: Low Pressure Presoak

Lightning Brite

Lightning Brite is the strongest acid based presoak produced by Blendco. It removes mineral scales and soils that build up on the car surface and lead to dulling. This product contains no hydrofluoric acid.
Colour: Pink
Application: Low Pressure Low pH Presoak




Durashield is a breakthrough car protectant with polymer film technology and Body Armor® additive to bond together longer and stronger to the surface of the car. It shields the surface of the car from insects, UV rays and bird dropping, making the next clean easier. The superior vehicle protection can last up to 30 days.

Colour: White (Milky)
Fragrance: Lemon
Application: Touchless - Auto Low Pressure / Self Serve - High Pressure / Self Serve - Low Pressure