Prowash iVac Vacuum




 Made in Australia by Prowash Australia.

  • Easy to follow instructions for your customer
  • Stainless steel construction built to last
  • Supplied with complete Smooth-Bor® vacuum hose, swivel cuff and nozzle
  • Fitted with two quiet Lamb Ametek motors
  • Stainless steel dome fitted with acoustic foam to reduce noise during operation
  • 4 washable filter bags and easy clean, long life rubber waste basket easily accessed via lockable triple hinged door
  • Concealed coin vault complete with ‘hidden shackle’ American Lock® to discourage vandalism and increase security
  • Microcoin® QL coin acceptor fitted to accept coins and/or tokens
  • Coin & token counters plus non-resettable counters
  • Easy access to door locks via one key
  • Individual circuit breakers for vac motors
  • Internal manual start button to test operation
  • Main isolation switch
  • Manual cut-off
  • Built in time clock to control operating hours
  • Built in Bonus Time feature for onsite promotions



Fragramatics Vac/Fragrance Combo




The unit combines super vac, turbo vac and three fragrances to give customers the choice to switch between services.

  • Reinforced door for added security
  • Top and Bottom alarm sensors on the door
  • Super vacuum, turbo vacuum and three fragrance selections
  • Internally lighted dome
  • "Smart card" programming
  • "Service remaining" bar graph
  • Extra-time and last-coin-alert beepers
  • UV protected graphics
  • Easy-clean filter bag system
  • Multi-coin acceptor
  • Debris catcher